Setting a new standard
in food production

Foodsmart aims to revolutionize the current manner of food production and processing. Using our guidelines of green methods and smart technology, we are creating high quality grade processed materials. The data collected in the production process will be made available to our clients, so they can stay informed of all aspects of the product.


In that way, Foodsmart is not just another supplement company. We are developing a state-of-the-art production line as well as a software solution, where technology will combine with natural ingredients to ensure the highest possible quality. We are changing the current trends in food processing, and moving towards a future of informed decisions.

Core Values,
Superior Products

Foodsmart is revolutionising the food production industry by using these three keystones as a guide.

Pure Quality

Utilizing Iceland’s untamed marine resources to ensure superior supplement purity.

Sustainable Practices

Leveraging renewable energy for eco-friendly production that cares for the planet.

Innovative Standards

Leading with advanced technology to set new benchmarks in supplement quality.

How We Do It

Foodsmart Nordic will make use of artificial intelligence to ensure the continuous quality and advancement of both products and production processes. Thus, emphasis will be placed on the skill and ability to produce smaller batches of various high-quality food supplements in the most efficient way and at the same time maximize the production capacity and utilization of machinery.

The competitiveness will therefore be marked by flexibility and the ability to respond adapt quickly to changing needs and circumstances. At all stages of the process, there will be defined data points, both in relation to sensors of machines in production but also through chemical and quality measurements. The data points will be linked together on production lots, allowing you to track and analyze. This information will then be used for continuous progress, where the increased quality of the product can be linked to certain production methods.

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